Still waiting for your Beetnik Foods order?

I just checked the Beetnik Foods Facebook page and see that there are still folks waiting for their Living Social Paleo deal.    Folks more patient than I am. :)

Here is how I resolved the issue:

1) I originally ordered two vouchers, redeemed one.   Living Social canceled the second and issued me a refund when I didn’t receive my order in a timely manner.  It was past their 7 day cancellation period but it was not a problem.

2) When I still hadn’t received my order after 3 weeks, despite being told by Beetnik foods THREE TIMES that it had shipped, I contacted Living Social about receiving a refund for my used voucher.  While they weren’t willing to refund it, I was giving a credit in deal bucks (which I am only using on local offers!).

3)  When I contacted Beetnik Foods to cancel my order and request a refund of my shipping charges, they informed me that my shipping charges had already been refunded a week earlier.  Turns out they actually had.    (They claim that they refunded shipping to all customers whose orders were delayed and that they sent an email informing of that fact.  Like the food, I never got that email, either.)

Good luck!


3 Responses to “Still waiting for your Beetnik Foods order?”

  1. I waited about 3 weeks as well and finally got mine shipped and received after sending them multiple emails. Sorry you didn’t end up getting your food!

  2. Lucy Hansen says:

    Terrible experience with these guys. My food came spoiled and they refused to refund because of some fine print on their website “ship at your own risk” in tiny letters.

    Their customer service was almost impossible to get ahold of and when I finally talked to someone, they were cold and clearly didn’t care about doing the right thing.

    Beware, this is a terrible company! DO NOT ORDER FROM BEETNIK!

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