Product Review: Caveman Cookies

caveman cookies

Caveman Cookies

I was sent a bag of Alpine Caveman Cookies by my December pen pal as a participant in the Paleo Pen Pals food swap.   I was super excited to get them because, like others in the Paleo/organic/real food communities, I have ended my long term relationship with Larabar because of their opposition to Proposition 37.

Since going Paleo this past summer, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen.    I travel a lot for work and on a perfect day, I’ll pack a cooler with raw organic veggies, scotch eggs, and breakfast cookies for snacks, but in MY world, there are lots of imperfect days and for YEARS Larabar had been my go-to snack to keep stashed in the trunk.

The Caveman Cookies are a great replacement for me.   The come individually wrapped and have a fairly long shelf life so they can now live in my trunk in the spot vacated by Larabars.     Each cookie has 75 calories, so it’s perfect portion control – one for a light snack, two for something more.   They are sweeter than my homemade breakfast cookies but so are Larabars.    The Alpine version I have are made with honey, almond meal, hazelnut meal, and toasted ground carob.

Caveman Cookies are convenient, shelf stable, and yummy – a welcome addition to my home/car.  :)


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